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Danube's Championship 2010

Serbian Sailing Association and Sailing Club Zemun
are pleased to invite all Nations to take part in the
To be held at Belgrade from 25th to 27th June 2010.
1. Rules
1.1. The Danube's Championship will be governed by the Rules as defined in the ISAF Racing Rules of Sailing enforced.
1.2. No prescription of the Serbian Sailing Federation will apply.
1.3. The Equipment Rules of Sailing will apply to the extent they are referenced into the IMCCA.
1.4. No Racing Rule change requiring advance preparation will apply. Racing Rules changes will appear in the sailing instructions.
1.5. The official language of the Championship is English. All documents related to the Event shall be written in Serbian and English.
1.6. The Danube's Championship is open to Micro Class.
2. Advertising
2.1. Category C applies.
3. Eligibility and entry fees
3.1. The Danube's Championship is open to boats mentioned in 1.6 and to competitors who comply with the ISAF Regulation 19. Each crew member of a competing boat shall be a national of or ordinarily resident of the nation where the National Authority the crew intends to represent is established.
3.2. Entry fee is 4 euro.
3.4. List of participants shall be send to Sailing Club Zemun no later than 1st june 2010.
3.5. The Organizing Authority shall cover the full accommodation and food costs of the participating countries team.
4. Regatta format
4.1. The Danube's Championship will consist of up to 9 planned races. A minimum of 3 races shall be required to validate the Championship.
5. Schedule
• 24th June - Official Arrivals
• 25th June - Opening Ceremony at 10:30
• 25th June - Races - First start at 11:00
• 26th June - Races
• 27th June - Races
• 27th June - Closing and prize-giving ceremony at 19:00
• 27th June - Departure of the teams
No warning signal will be given on the last racing day after 16:00.
6. Measurements
6.1. Each boat/board shall produce a valid Measurement Certificate, including the completed Measurement Control Form, at the time of pre-race measurement controls.
6.2. In accordance with Racing Rule 78, competitors are responsible for maintaining their boat in accordance with the Class Rules (for the purpose of Racing Rule 78, competitors are considered to be the owners).
7. Sailing instructions
7.1. The sailing instructions will be delivered to competitors at the time of final registration at the Race Office.
8. Venue
8.1. The regatta site is located at Belgrade (map in attachment).
9. The courses
Course type will be windward - leeward.
10. Penalty system
10.1. Appendix P will apply for infringements of RRS 42.
10.3. Decisions of the Jury will be final as provided in Racing Rule 70.5
11. Scoring
11.1. Score will be established as follows:
a) when fewer than five races have been completed, a boat’s series score is the total of her races score,
b) when five to eight races have been completed, a boat’s series score is the total of her races score, excluding her worst one,
c) when nine races have been completed, a boat’s series score is the total of her races score excluding her two worst scores.
12. Support boats
12.1. Coaches, team leaders and representatives from participating nations shall be registered at the Regatta Office before the first racing day. They shall provide at the same time the Regatta Office with their national flag (around 150 cm x 100 cm) and their national anthem on CD-ROM, for the Opening Ceremony.
12.2. Support boats shall fly their national flag or a flag with their three national letters clearly on a staff, or shall be permanently marked with a sticker of their national flag or the three national letters on each side of the boat or the engine.
12.3. Drivers of the support boats shall present a copy of their driving license or permit to the Race Office during registration.
13. Prizes
13.1. Prizes will be awarded to the first, second and third crews by the Organizer.
14. Disclaimer of liability
14.1. Competitors participate in the Danube's Championship entirely at their own risk. See RRS 4, Decision to race. The Organizing Authority and all parties involved in the Danube's Championship organization will not accept any liability for material damage or personal injury or death sustained in conjunction with or prior to, during, or
after the Championship.
15. Insurance
15.1. Each participating boat (including coach or support boats) shall be insured with a valid third party liability insurance for material damage of max 10.000 EURO and others with a minimum cover of 540.000 EURO per event or equivalent.
15.2. Organizing authorities will facilitate not insured participating boats to obtain an insurance policy at the venue for the duration of the event.
All participants in the Championship automatically accept that the Organizing Authority and the Sponsor(s) of the regatta reserve indefinitely the right to produce, use and show at their discretion, motion pictures and live broadcasts in film or video, including their reproduction, during and after the regatta, without any financial claim.
17. Accommodation and miscellaneous
- Free lunch will be at JK Zemun all three days of regatta.
- Free accommodation will be in Hostel Yachting Club Kej, approximately 1 Km from Race Office,
- Paid accommodation will be in Hotel Lav in Belgrade, Zemun, approximately 4 Km from Race Office,
- All necessary information will be provided on and

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