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Specifikacija za bracu Ruse Neptun 23 i Veterok vanbrodski motori

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Tehnički podaci za braću Ruse


For more than 30 years, welcomes us with a Russian engine forged with Neptune 23rd There is, or was it with 18, 23 and rarely with 30 hp. Although very popular in Russia, it existed in the GDR only buy for proud sums.
It is a purely Russian design, with the experienced wrenches the genes of the King AB can not be overlooked.
The engines are as loud, drunk and in the scribe as a bone crusher. But they are solid, easy set up and get very durable. One problem, however, is still the spare parts supply, because many want as a "gun" simply no longer drive.


Engine type: Neptune - 23
Working principle: two-stroke petrol engine
Cylinder diameter: 62 mm
Stroke: 58 mm
Displacement: 346 cm3
Compression ratio: 9.25: 1
Output: 23 ± 1.5 SAE hp at N min = 5000 ± 100 U /
Fuel Consumption: Max. 12 l, depending on the type of boat and load Fuel tank capacity: 20 l
Mass of the motor: 44 kg
Ignition system: light flywheel magneto
Spark plug: SI-12 RT (Isolator M 14-175)
The spark plug electrode gap: 0.5 - 0.6 mm
Light Output: 12 V, 40 watt AC
Ignition timing: 4.5 mm before TDC (29 degrees crank angle)
Unterbrecherabstand: 0.30 - 0.35 mm
Carburetor: K 3 & L
Fuel: Carburetor Fuel VK 79
Mixture lubrication lubrication
Running-mixing ratio: 1:16 (1 liter MZ-stroke engine oil 22 to 16 liters of fuel),
Mixing ratio after: 1:20 (1 liter MZ-stroke engine oil 22 to 20 liters of fuel)
Ratio for the propeller: 15:26
F. gearbox oil filling: 150 cm3
Lubricants: Gear Minol GL 265 (SAE 140)
Propeller diameter: 230 mm red (), series, green 240 mm (, equipment) propeller pitch: 225 mm red (), series, Green 300 mm (, equipment)

Evo neko je pomenuo i ovu marku pa da dodam Rusi su...


Engine type: two stroke, carburetor, fuel
Power: 12 hp at 5000 rpm
Number of cylinders: 2
Bore: 60 mm
Stroke: 44 mm
Displacement: 249 cm3
Compression ratio: 7:1
Ignition system: MBE-3, contactless, external ignition coils
Carburetor: K-491
Fuel: Gasoline + Normal Mischöl
Fuel consumption: <5 kg / h
Capacity of tank: 14 l
Ratios: 13:21
Lubrication of gearbox: Gear Summer Area
Diameter screw propeller x pitch: 210 x 225 mm
Mass of the motor: 25.5 kilograms
Height: 1080 mm
Width: 350 mm
Length: 500 mm
Suitable for mirror height of 530 mm
Following on-board electronics (lighting) available
Man over board power switch
Tiller steering

The New Weterok 9.9 hp

Two-stroke gasoline engine type carburetor
Max power at crankshaft rotation 5000 rpm, kW (hp). 7.9 (9.9)
Cylinder 2
Bore, mm 60
Displacement, cm3 249
Electronic Ignition System / Outboard Zünspulen
Spark 14 A17 or A14
Carburetor K-493
Gasoline Fuel 50:1, 33:1 engine oil, a special oil for two-stroke engine 50:1
Fuel consumption, kg / h 4.7
Fuel tank capacity, l 14
Transmission gear ratio 13:21
Gear lubrication oil vehicle drive
Diameter of the propeller x Stroke mm 210 x 225
Mass of the engine, kg 27.5

Sta bi dao da su mi ovakva TRI komada!!

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Profo svaka cast....samo tuci!

Ovde ima mnogo obozavatelja ruskih vanbrodskih motora!!! Videces! :pioneer:

odvorji sam ovo u posebnu temu da se lakse nadje  :good:

Svakog dana nesto novo saznam . Hvala


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